Helical Metal Pipes

Pipe is formed with helical winding of leaf and welding the internal and external edges in accordance with standards.

Nowadays, because of widespread corrosion, metal pipes are the best choice in terms of endurance.

The outer diameter of 219.1 mm to 3048 mm,

The thickness of the wall is from 4 mm to 40 mm, metal pipes; A pipe is produced with welding.

Clutch and flanged metal pipes.

The pipe wall thickness exceeds 25 mm is produced form metal sheets. See the following table about diameter and wall thickness.

Why do you choose it:

High strength

Resistance to pressure and load


Strength duration



Easy forming

Scope of use

  • Oil pipeline
  • Gas pipeline
  • Water system
  • Pile
  • Industrial pipe nets
  • Metal
  • Compressed air nets
  • Factory
  • Transportation of liquid hydrocarbons
  • High temperature water transportation
  • Hydrocarbon Tanks
  • For HPPs and other power projects


Pipes for oil and natural gas systems:

API 5L, TS 6047, DIN 17172, GOST 20295, EN 10208

Pipes for water system:

TS EN 10217-1, DIN 1626, AWWA C200, DIN 2460, BS 534, UNI 6363, EN 10224

Pipes for piles:

ASTM A 252, EN 10219, DIN 1615

Pipes for general use:

BS 3601, DIN 1626, ASTM A139, EN 10217-3, EN 10217-5, EN 10217-6

  • For special information, please contact to the factory.