Polystyrene Pipes For Irrigation System

Two types of polyethylene pipes are produced For irrigation system and their length is 5 or 6 meters. Even in low-pressure pipes there is no water leakage in bending places. It uses for any kind of land plots even under high pressure, it is safely used for many years.
The following diameters are produced: 75 mm, d 90 mm, d 110 mm, d 125 mm, D 140 mm and 160 mm.

Advantages of pipes for irrigation system
Irrigation systems developed in recent years have the following advantages.
As there are no water leakage in these systems so there is no loss.
This is especially important for the areas of water defect.
In places where there is no exact topography, irrigation system can be used not to cause erosion.
In contrast to other irrigation systems, the water is supplied to the ground with small granules like rains.
Excludes the fact that during irrigation the seeds will be raised on the earth.
Saves the employees costs;
This is an ideal irrigation system for those places where the ground cover is low.
In the seaside areas, the soil clears the wind from dust, salt.
This irrigation method is especially good in places where there is no regulation of ground water drainage.
Simplifies agricultural activity
Liquid fertilizers are distributed equally by irrigation water and do not need additional personnel.
Vegetables, citrus, vineyards and other fruit trees are protected from frost and heat.